Welcome to AKG South Africa – our new web site


As a fan or user of AKG Professional products, we commend you on your taste in quality and audio superiority. Welcome to our website, which although is set up as a simple means to provide information which is more specific to the South African activities surrounding the brand, is also an important touch point for us at Audiosure, to connect with you in a way that lets you know we value your interest. Please feel free to find us on our social media pages, drop us a line or call us with any queries or questions you may have. Our team is eager and ready to support you.

We also love to hear success stories and clients who love their AKG products, so please send them with pictures to marketing1@audiosure.co.za and we may feature you on our sites and pages.

We’ll HEAR you soon!


2 thoughts on “Welcome to AKG South Africa – our new web site

  1. Hi there my name is thabana I just love your products and I recently bought akg k840 wireless headphones and seem to have lost the headphone charger my question is where can I get the charger and for how much

    yours sincerely


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